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Mr Steph Boyd

Senior Leader – Personal Development & Safeguarding/

Mr Richard Peace

Senior Leader – Teaching, Learning & Assessment

Mrs Donna Steele

Senior Leader – Pupil Outcomes &
Head of Mathematics

Mr Mark Williams

Head of Year 11 &
Head of PE

Mr Jonathan Milton

Head of Year 10 &
Teacher of P.E

Miss Alice Sheen

Head of Year 9 &
Teacher of English and Drama

Miss Emily Allcock

Head of Year 8,
Lead for Careers &
Teacher of English

Miss Carrie-Anne White

Head of Year 7 &
Teacher of English

Miss Lauren Sparrow

Head of Science

Mr Andrew Teague

Head of English

Mrs Chloe Williams

Head of Music

Mrs Indra Riches

Head of Art & Design

Ms Catriona Travers

Head of Teacher Training &
Teacher of History

Mrs Joanne Boyd

Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Mr Ashley Brett

Head of Drama

Mrs Cayte McCarthy

Head of Geography

Mrs Rebecca Walker

Head of History

Mr Ashley Wright

Subject Lead for Latin

Mrs Natalia Peace

Teacher of History

Miss Lisa Payn

Teacher of History

Miss Nicola Widgery

Teacher of Geography

Miss Emmy Mackett

Access Arrangements Officer and Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs Anna Breach

Teacher of Mathematics

Mr Michael Hooper

Teacher of Mathematics

Mr Danny Quinlan

Teacher of Mathematics & Science

Mr Steve Hill

Teacher of Science

Mr Mark Harding

Teacher of Science

Dr Phil Jerrum

Teacher of Science

Mr Ben Crossley

Teacher of Science (Maternity Leave)

Mrs Charlotte Wells

Teacher of Science

Mr Tom Gove

Teacher of Art & Design

Miss Michaela Powell

Teacher of Music

Mr David Smith

Teacher of Music

Mr Gareth Balch

Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs Catherine Bell

GCSE PE Co-Ordinator and Teacher of PE

Miss Becky Healey

Teacher of PE

Miss Amber Duxbury

Teacher of PE

Mr Elliott Cole

Teacher of Dance

Mrs Claire Paul

Head of Administration, HR &

Ms Vicky

Office Manager &
Data Protection Officer

Mrs Sherri

LAC Coordinator &
Assistant SENCO

Mrs Stephanie


Ms Nicky

Chief Financial Officer &
Staff Governor

Mr Martyn Davies

Finance Assistant

Mrs Michelle Wright

Assistant to the Head of Year 11

Miss Katie Lear

Assistant to the Head of Year 10

Mrs Chloe Hartnell

Assistant to the Head of Year 9

Miss Abby Lines

Assistant to the Head of Year 8

Mrs Emily Grist

Assistant to the Head of Year 7

Miss Saffron Hart

Examinations Officer

Miss Lucy Antwiss

Careers & Administration Assistant

Miss Beth Batchelor

Administration Assistant

Miss Tiffany Aldridge

Science Technician

Miss Lee

Science Technician

Miss Kirsty Fraser

PE Support Assistant

Mr Damien Marriott

Art & Design Technician

Miss Siobhan McGovern

Music Technician &
Learning Support Assistant

Mr Michael Daniels

Learning Support Assistant

Mr Jake Green

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Kathryn Podstawski

Learning Support Assistant

Miss Sally McKean

Learning Support Assistant

Miss Shannon Squibb

Learning Support Assistant

Miss Stephanie Geary

Learning Support Assistant

Miss Elena Portch

Site Manager

Mr Henry Garner


Mr Gary Pilcher

Minibus Driver

Mr Robert Shutler

Trainee Teacher of Art & Design

Miss Lucy Sammons

Trainee Teacher of Mathematics

Mr James Burke

Trainee Teacher of English

Mr Adam Lambert

New faces joining the school for the new academic year.

Teacher of PE & Mathematics

Mr Lucas Suter

Teacher of MFL

Miss Florence Pettit

Teacher of Computer Science

Mr Mariusz Reflinski

Teacher of Mathematics

Mr Thomas Newnham

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Charlotte Jones

Learning Support Assistant

Miss Charlotte Making

Learning Support Assistant

Mr Keiron Wye

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