TIFS got talent

Several of our pupils have taken part in the Isle of Wight Music, Dance and Drama Festival which was held virtually this year, due to Covid restrictions.
Notable successes came from:
• Hallam S, in Year 11 who won his Grade 8 and above woodwind class,
• Ellie W, in Year 9 winning her piano class (Grade 4 and above),
• Izzy S, in Year 10 winning the piano contemporary composer class.
• Lottie P, in Year 9 who won several of her vocal solo classes and her duet classes along with Josephine F, in Year 10.
• Sam S, Year 10 winning in his Guitar 2-3 class.
• Elizabeth W, Year 7 came 2nd in her woodwind class.
• Other 2nd and 3rd places were awarded to Eva W, Year 10, Josephine F, year 10, Lylah M, Year 11, Ava C, Year 8, Rosemary M, Year 9, Emily M, Year 8 and Millie F, Year 9.
Fantastic results everyone! Well done.