Terra Nostra Magazine

As part of our lockdown reading initiative, staff and pupils at TIFS have been working hard to create a digitally accessibly magazine that is formatted to be dyslexia friendly and viewable on any device. The idea being that, over time, we could amass a store of reading material written by pupils for pupils which could be accessed from home at no extra cost.

Pupils were given the challenge of naming the magazine and Effie W’s choice of Terra Nostra (Latin for ‘Our Earth’) won the vote by a landslide margin!

Since the magazine was named back in December, we’ve managed to produce one issue a month featuring: articles, stories, poems and photos. That means that there are already four issues of the magazine available on the school website for viewing. So far, issues have examined: space exploration, ice, and the oceans. As well as this, a special issue written by the SEN team also explored Neurodiversity as part of our commitment to Neurodiversity Celebration Week. Within the next week, our fifth issue themed on ‘the woods’ will also be released!

Calling all pupils!

Our next issue (May) is centred on the idea of walking. Over lockdown many of us have fallen in love with walking and this issue is the perfect one for you to share your favourite routes with one another. Perhaps you might wish to write an article on a famous walk or write a narrative about a walk? Perhaps you can create a guide to a route on the island or draw a map? Perhaps you want to produce some drawings or photographs of the kinds of wildlife and plants you might see on your walks over the late spring and summer? The possibilities are endless and the scope of magazine is such that all work is considered. The only rules are that written submissions must be 800 words or less and that photographs are of a high quality and don’t feature your faces.

If pupils are interested in contributing, please send submissions by email to Mr. Green by Thursday 25th April.

Explore our Terra Nostra Magazine here!