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The Island Free School Buses (2020-21)

Southern Vectis Services

Route 71: Ryde – St Helens – Bembridge – Sandown – Lake – Ventnor

Route 72: Ryde – Brading – Sandown – Lake – Oaklyn Gardens – Shanklin – Ventnor

Route 73: Newport – Rookley – Godshill – Wroxall – Ventnor

Pupils at The Island Free School can access these services using a Southern Vectis Freedom Pass, or on a ‘pay as you go’ basis. For prices and current timetables, please visit the Southern Vectis website. These routes are subject to change at any time.

Local Authority Services

Route 214: Niton – Whitwell – Ventnor

Route 215: Arreton – Wroxall – Ventnor

Please click here to view the latest update on Privilege Seat Applications (December 2020).

Please note that you will need to apply directly to the local authority for a seat on any of these routes. The Island Free School is not responsible for the allocation of these seats and cannot take any payment or applications for these services. For details on how to apply, please visit the IW Council website. These routes are subject to change at any time.
For local authority buses, pupils must have their tickets ready for presentation to the driver for every journey; without a valid pass they may be refused travel in the afternoon. If this occurs, they are to return to the school so that parents/guardians can make arrangements to collect them. Temporary tickets can only be issued for one journey if a ticket is forgotten, but it is the responsibility of the pupil to get this from the school office before the end of the day. If a ticket has been lost, a replacement must be purchased for £10.00, without this payment a temporary pass cannot be issued.

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