Neurodiversity Celebration Week

This year, The Island Free School is proud to be marking Neurodiversity Celebration week, from the 15th-21st March 2021.

Did you know: it is estimated that 1 in 7 people are neurodivergent, meaning that the brain functions, learns and processes information differently? That’s more than 15% of the UK population.

As a school we are committed to creating an inclusive and supportive environment, where all of our pupils are valued and appreciated, and where everyone can achieve their full potential. We work every day at removing barriers which might inhibit pupils from achieving their best, whether that’s through the SEN department, pastoral care through our mentors and year teams, or through our quality first teaching strategies.

Throughout this week, we will be raising awareness of what it means to be neurodivergent. Our monthly digital magazine ‘Terra Nostra’ will be curated by the SEN department and dedicated to the topic of neurodiversity.

Our aim for the week is that our pupils:

  • Will be better informed about the different conditions that exist within the SEND community
  • Challenge negative misconceptions and stereotypes
  • Be appreciative of the difficulties that can arise for people with a neurodivergent condition, within our school and within wider society
  • Have the language to use to talk openly and compassionately about neurodiversity
  • Recognise how much there is to gain from being part of a neurodiverse community, with its many varied perspectives and insights.


Interested to learn more? Read Issue 4 of our digital magazine, “Terra Nostra”, where the focus is on celebrating Neurodiversity.