Year 7 Hike

On Friday 15th September, Year 7 pupils and mentors embarked on their first ever TIFS outing – the annual 8 mile hike to school. Thankfully, the weather was pleasant and all groups made it back to school before the end of the day (just!)
​Rosea ​walked from Yaverland – with a slight detour from the planned route – but pupils successfully navigated their way back to school. Rubeum hiked from Chale Green, stopping for lunch at the Pepper Pot and continuing along the coastal path back to Ventnor. Viridis began their trek at Brading Down, and Caesitas from Blackwater Mill. But the winning house was Flavi – lead by Mr Wright, Miss Powell and Mr Lambert.
It was a fantastic and tiring day, and a wonderful way for pupils to bond and work together.