We Will Remember Them

Over the past few days, The Island Free School has been taking part in different ways to reflect and remember the 11th November, 1918.

On Thursday 7th November, 6 pupils across 3 year groups went to Carisbrooke Castle to take part in the annual Remembrance Service. The pupils listened to talks from the Archdeacon and took part in laying down crosses and poppies in order to pay tribute.

Today, 11th November 2019, the entire school took part in a 2 minute silence. The silence commenced at 11am, and once over, Mr Balch, Gracie B and Nathan S-B played The Last Post.

Sonny PM, Rhiannan C, Aaron W & Millie F and Summer-Rose have made red and green felt, which they have then cut out and sewn to make poppies for Remembrance. They have worked very hard and the poppies are a beautiful way to remember.