The new school site

We have been busy working with the Department for Education (DfE) and the Education Funding Agency to secure two suitable sites for our school – an interim site (where students will start in September 2014) and a permanent site where a brand new school will be constructed to our specifications.

At our recent Open Evening, the school’s Principal, Steph Boyd, announced that the interim and permanent sites are both highly likely to be in the Ventnor area. The following day, Tuesday 22 October, the DfE met with the landowners of our proposed temporary and permanent sites.

“These are very exciting times for The Island Free School. We will announce the location of our interim site very soon. We will also receive architects’ plans for our brand new school in early November.”
Steph Boyd, Principal

“We have now received confirmation that the meetings were very positive, and good headway has been made towards securing our sites”, says Steph Boyd. “This is fantastic news as it means that we’re ahead of schedule – as we are in many other areas of the school’s development. We are looking forward to being able to announce the location of our interim site very soon.”

“Regarding our permanent site, the DfE has informed us that we should receive some architects’ drawings and plans in early November. These plans will be analysed by our group to make sure that all the details meet our vision and aspirations. As soon as we are able to share the plans with you, they will be published on this website.

Mr Boyd adds: “These are very exciting times for The Island Free School and I am sure you are as keen as we are to see what our new school building will look like. We will keep you updated with further developments through our website and newsletter”.