Speech Day

As the first year in our new school building came to an end, pupils, staff, friends and families gathered for the annual presentation of TIFS awards. Firstly, there were awards for each subject, presented by each Head of Department. Then the Heads of Year announced the winners of three trophies for their year group; Overall Progress Award, Head of Year Award and the Vox Populus Award. The latter is a celebration of those pupils who go the extra mile and demonstrate a strong sense of commitment either inside or outside of school. Finally, Mr Boyd presented the Nulli Secundus Award, voted for by staff to the pupil whom they believe fully embodies the ethos of the school, and the Headmaster’s Award. Everybody was also treated to a delightful performance from some of our incredibly talented young musicians. Congratulations to our winners, all of whom are a true credit to The Island Free School and thoroughly deserve an award.

The list of award winners are as follows:

Headmaster’s Award: Cleo M
Secundus Award: Madeline L
Year 10 Head of Year Award: Jack C
Year 9 Head of Year Award: Sophie R
Year 8 Head of Year Award: Chloe P
Year 7 Head of Year Award: Maisey K
Year 10 Overall Progress: Taniesha M
Year 9 Overall Progress: Beau E
Year 8 Overall Progress: William B
Year 7 Overall Progress: Macey H
Year 10 Vox Populus: Oliver C
Year 9 Vox Populus: Stan A
Year 8 Vox Populus: Lizzie G
Year 7 Vox Populus: Marika A
Mathematics Progress Award: Kieran S, Riley H, Sam B, Fred D
English Progress Award: Megan R, Alice M, Beth B, Stuart B
Science Progress Award: Elsie-May C, Beau E, Katie M-S, Oscar W
Geography Progress Award: Polly W, Olivia S, Emily D, Marika A
History Progress Award: Kezia R, Jennifer J, Mollie S, Eva W
Languages Progress Award: Lydia B, Alex W, Shanay S, Cindy L
Music Progress Award: Abigail R, Stan A, Euan S, Ethel M
PE/Dance Progress Award: Izaac K, Jarrison S, Harry T, Oliver H
Arts Progress Award: Klaudia D, Kelsie J, Amelia K, Charlie C
Drama Progress Award: Rebecca G, Abbie S, William B, Beth M-H
Geology: Max F, Sasha G
Design (KS3) Progress Award: Megan T, Courtney P

We hope that all our pupils and their families are having a wonderful Summer holiday and we look forward to welcoming everyone back in September as we embark upon our first year at full capacity!