Speech Day 2017

Yesterday, in glorious sunshine, pupils, staff, friends and families gathered on our Rew Valley field for the annual presentation of TIFS awards. Firstly, there were awards for each subject, presented by each Head of Department. After a delightful musical interlude from our Brass and Jazz bands, Mr Peace, Mrs Steele and Mrs Breach each announced the winners of three trophies for their year group; Overall Progress Award, Head of Year Award and the Vox Populus Award. The latter is a new award, whereby pupils are nominated and then put to a final vote from their peers. This award aims to celebrate those pupils who go the extra mile and demonstrate a strong sense of commitment either inside or outside of school. As the morning drew to a close, our headmaster Mr Boyd presented the final two awards of the day. The winner of the Nulli Secundus Award is voted for by staff, to the pupil whom they believe fully embodies the ethos of the school. This year, Samuel L in Year 8 was very deserving of the award, due to his positive attitude and his willingness to always help staff and pupils. Finally, the Headmaster’s Award was awarded to Megan T in Year 9, whom Mr Boyd praised as capturing what the school aims to achieve in a quiet and unassuming way. Megan was highlighted as being a helpful, kind and friendly young lady as well as a high academic achiever. Congratulations to our winners, all of whom are truly a credit to The Island Free School and thoroughly deserve an award.

The list of award winners are as follows:

Headmaster’s Award: Megan T
Nulli Secundus Award: Samuel L
Year 9 Head of Year Award: Amy H
Year 8 Head of Year Award: Nadia B
Year 7 Head of Year Award: Toby N
Year 9 Overall Progress: Silas B
Year 8 Overall Progress: Alana W
Year 7 Overall Progress: Ben C
Year 9 Vox Populus: Ted H
Year 8 Vox Populus: Cassidy L
Year 7 Vox Populus: Oliver F
Mathematics Progress Award: Izaac K, Beau E, Reece P
English Progress Award: Phoenix M, Saskia H, Toby N
Science Progress Award: Ella G, Oliver K, Logan B
Geography Progress Award: Lorna S, Emily C, Grace C
History Progress Award: Cameron T, Rosa N, Alicia E
Languages Progress Award: Antonio P, Aimee N, Katie M-S
Music Progress Award: Caitlin C, Sophie R, Wiktoria B
PE/Dance Progress Award: Ella W, Oliver F
Art/Photography Progress Award: Charlotte V, Cleo B, William L
Drama Progress Award: Jacob F, Amanda M-V, Emily D
Design/Textiles/Graphics Progress Award: Georgia F, Faith N, Fauve H-P