Shakespeare Schools Festival

On Thursday evening 30 pupils from Year 8- 11 took to the stage at Medina Theatre to perform their 30 minute interpretation of Antony and Cleopatra, which formed part of the nation wide Shakespeare Schools Festival.
Fusing the roaring 1920s and silent film industry with Shakespeare’s classic text, pupils were praised for the clarity of their storytelling and commitment to this inspiring take on the performance.
The confident cast encapsulated the style with many iconic moments including the sea battle, death scenes and well choreographed opening and closing sequences with transitions provided by well timed clapper boards. The audience showed their appreciation through rapturous applause. The closing comments of the night from the Shakespeare Schools Festival described our performance as, ‘spine tingling, dark, sensual and joyously stylish.’
Congratulations to all pupils who took part, and thank you to all parents and staff who showed their support for this fantastic performance.