RE, Ethics & Careers Day

On Monday 7th December, all pupils were off timetable in order to take part in a variety of themed activities.

Year 7 learned about Christianity, focusing on Christmas. Pupils watched a film that told the story of the Nativity which led to class discussion and making a storyboard. In another session they worked in teams to complete some Christmas Maths challenges, solving a code breaking exercise and a Nativity themed quiz with number answers. Pupils also learned about Christmas around the world, creating maps as they discovered what Christmas means for other countries and cultures. The remaining sessions saw pupils make their own Christingle, discussing the reasons behind the tradition and “A Facebook Christmas”, where pupils imagined what it would have been like if social media had existed 2000 years ago. They had a lot of fun choosing a character from the Christmas story and creating a Facebook profile for them. Year 7 pupils commented about the day: ‘I liked the Christmas Maths, my team worked really well together’ Mikey B, ‘It was exciting and fun, we learnt about Christianity’ Alfie R, ‘I loved our last session, Christmas on social media, it was fun, we could draw and discuss ideas with friends’ Indiya T.

Year 8′s RE day focused on Diwali; the Festival of Lights. Pupils were able to engage in a host of activities including lantern making and Bollywood dancing. They watched the film, ‘Life of Pi’, and learnt about the Gods and Goddesses central to the Hindu faith. An enjoyable day was had by all and some fantastic dance performances were shared with classmates.

Year 9 covered the topic Crime and Punishment, focusing on PROTEST. The year group started the day by watching the 2015 feature film ‘Suffragette’, which follows the story of a working wife and mother fighting for women’s voting rights at the turn of the century. Each house then took part in a Creative Response session, which discussed and debated the subject.
Rubeum formed speeches and planned their campaign ideas, which included making rosettes for Women’s Rights. Rosea worked on creating their own pro or anti women’s suffrage posters. Viridis designed and made board games. Flavi compared the ‘Victorian woman’ stereotype to today’s women, looking at how life would be different, and completed factual posters through developing ideas. Caesitas looked at black out poetry and then, in smaller groups, wrote plays/songs on the theme of the suffragette movement. The whole year group also attended a session from Positively Mad during the day, which focused on Resilience. This covered; how to cope with stress, sparking positivity and growth mindset.

Year 10 took part in a creative day based around the theme of War and Conflict. Pupils created stop motion animations to produce a ban the bomb campaign, designed their own war memorials, created propaganda art and devised conflict collage. Year 10 pupils were also visited by Positively Mad to take part in their exam-busters session, providing a practical experience of how to revise effectively.

Year 11 had a Careers Day, where they took part in various sessions focusing on the world of work. The day kicked off with an engaging virtual presentation from motivational speakers from Student Breakthrough. Pupils learnt techniques for building confidence and resilience, and how to handle exam stress. We then welcomed another virtual guest speaker, Kate O’ Sullivan, a local businesswoman who owns a PR company, who gave an insightful talk called ‘Soft Skills for Success’. In this session, pupils learnt valuable top tips on CV writing and how to present themselves to employers. Throughout the rest of the day, pupils took part in various activities including; a CV writing workshop; a finance lesson based on pay-slips, pensions and tax; virtual mock interviews with renowned local employers and professionals; and a session exploring jobs in demand and in decline, highlighting the impact of artificial intelligence on different industries, and how soft skills are more important than ever to secure jobs. Pupils had a really insightful day, and generally feel more confident about leaving school and achieving their aspirations.