Poster Challenge

Hello everyone!

It’s Miss Sparrow here with a little challenge for you…

I am so excited to get to know you all when we eventually meet and I am sure you are all very excited about joining a new school, whilst being a little sad to be leaving primary school.

I thought it would be really nice if you created a poster with the following:

- What do you love about your primary school?

- What are you most looking forward to about joining TIFS?

- What do you hope to learn during your time at TIFS?

Feel free to make this as colourful and creative as you like. You could do this on paper or using a word-processor, it is up to you, but I would love to see them!

Please ask your parent/carer to send your completed poster to – this could be a photo of your poster or an email attachment. I’m aware that some Year 6 pupils have returned to school so this challenge is optional, however it would be fantastic for many of you to get involved if possible.

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