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Mr Danny Quinlan, Teacher of Mathematics

Mr Quinlan moved to the Island when he was 10, joining Sandham Middle School in year 6 before moving up to Sandown High School where he stayed to take Maths, Further Maths and Physics A-Levels. From there he went to the University of Reading to study a degree in Mathematics, but decided to leave after 2 years to study Secondary Mathematics Education at the University of Brighton to dedicate himself to becoming a maths teacher. He then returned to Reading and taught in a secondary school with sixth form before deciding to come back to the island in January 2018.

Outside of school, Mr Quinlan is active in scouting and helps to run a local troop with main adventurous interests being archery and rifle shooting. He also spends (apparently) far too much time playing video games on his PC and is a big fan of Disney and Harry Potter.



Mr Quinlan spent a year looking into global maths pedagogy and the psychology behind learning, before doing his teaching placements in Berkshire and graduating in 2016. He taught in a secondary school in Reading where he was the specialist in Mechanics and Decision maths at A-Level, whilst also being KS3 Co-ordinator for the maths department.

Mr Quinlan’s goals…

My goal is to have a classroom that does two key things: Firstly each and every person should be excited to enter the room. Teachers, pupils and visitors should all see my room as an enjoyable place to be and should look forward to being a part of a lesson. Secondly every person should leave the room with something new learnt. Lessons are for everyone involved and therefore everyone should leave the room knowing something new or having a new take on old knowledge.
Mr Quinlan

Mr Danny Quinlan

Teacher of Mathematics



A Levels in Maths, Further Maths & Physics – Sandown High School

Undergraduate Degree in Secondary Mathematics Education – University of Brighton

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