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Mr Jonathan Milton, Head of Year 10 & Head of PE

Mr Milton grew up in Watford and attended Watford Boys Grammar School. From there, he went on to study Environmental Science and Geography at The University of Bradford before taking a PGCE at Leeds University, specialising in PE and Geography.

On moving to the Island, Mr Milton held various posts such as Year Leader, Head of Key Stage and Head of PE, and was lucky enough to spend several years as a school sports co-ordinator in the Ventnor area with a cluster of nine primary schools. His previous post was Leader of PE at St Francis Primary School in Ventnor, enjoying four years of teaching in and out of the classroom as well as running an extensive extra-curricular programme.

Mr Milton has a passion for all sport but hockey and cricket would be top of his list, and he has been lucky to have had numerous opportunities to coach teams on and off the Island to a high standard.



Mr Milton is a recognised Hockey coach with a wealth of experience at local, county and regional level. He coaches the IOW juniors as well as ladies’ teams and regularly travels to the mainland to coach the Hampshire Junior Development and Academy Centres.

Mr Milton’s goals…

My goal is to develop a love of PE and sport among pupils and help them to fulfil their potential by providing opportunities to participate in and enjoy a wide variety of activities inside and outside the school environment.
Mr Milton

Mr Jonathan Milton

Head of Year & Head of PE



A degree in Environmental Science and Geography from The University of Bradford.

A PGCE specialising in PE and Geography from Leeds University.

Pupil progress

A progress measure is a measure of improvement in learning and therefore is a good measure of the impact an individual teacher has had on a pupil or class. Pupils are expected to make a minimum of 3 points’ progress in each subject each year. As part of teacher appraisals we will report on the average progress made by classes taught by each of our teachers. A progress measure of +4 or higher shows good progress and a measure of +6 or higher shows outstanding progress.

Mr J.Milton – Teacher of Maths, Head of P.E, Head of Year 9

Average Progress
All pupils taught: 4.5
Girls: 4.4
Boys: 4.6
Free Schools Meals pupils: 3.8
Pupil Premium: 4.1
SEN pupils: 4.0

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