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Mr Michael Hooper, Teacher of Mathematics

Mr Hooper was born and educated in Plymouth. Before becoming a teacher, he developed a passion for performing arts and took part in many performances both as a director and as an actor. His passion grew and he obtained both A-Levels and a degree in Drama and Media.

In his spare time he loves to hunt down a geocache, kayak all over the Island, hike up mountains, solve a Rubik’s Cube or go rock climbing.



Mr Hooper’s main academic love is that of Mathematics. In 2010 he successfully completed a PGCE in Secondary Mathematics from UCP Marjons. He has a background in teaching ​pupils from age 11 to 16 in both Mathematics and Drama,​ and further pastoral experience as a Head of Year.

Mr​ Hooper also brings experience as ​a Duke of Edinburgh Award instructor and will join the school’s existing leaders in offering this valuable curriculum extension.

Mr Hooper’s goals…

I want to learn something new every day and to impart knowledge to learners​, whilst having a little fun along the way.
Mr Hooper

Mr Michael Hooper

Teacher of Mathematics



BA (Hons) in Drama & Media
PGCE (Secondary Mathematics) – UCP Marjons

Pupil progress

Expectations of pupil progress

A progress measure identifies improvement in learning and therefore is a good measure of the impact an individual teacher has had on a pupil or class. Pupils are expected to make a minimum of 3 points’ progress in each subject each year. As part of teacher appraisals we will report on the average progress made by classes taught by each of our teachers. An average of three points is the expected progress measure. A progress measure of 4 points or more highlights good to outstanding teaching and learning. All progress measures at the Island Free School are taken from externally marked or moderated exams taken at the end of the year.

Average progress made by:
All pupils taught: 6.3
Girls: 6.7
Boys: 5.6
Free Schools Meals pupils: 4.9
Pupil Premium: 5.2
SEN pupils: 2.0

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