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Mr Steve Hill, Teacher of Mathematics & Science

Mr Hill grew up in Denver, Colorado USA where he attended a prestigious K-12 school, took A levels in Mathematics, Chemistry, English and Spanish Language. He went on to study Anthropology at the University of Redlands in California and travelled extensively in Latin America researching religious syncretism in indigenous culture.


After graduation, Mr Hill went on to teach English in Japan for 5 years and became fluent in Japanese. His love of the outdoors brought him on an expedition through the rift valley and over Mt. Kenya before returning to the USA to lead extended wilderness expeditions with Outward Bound in the Florida Everglades. On the Island, Mr Hill developed and ran an Outdoor Adventurous activity program and implemented KS3 Science provision at the Pupil referral unit before undertaking his PGCE and teaching Maths and Physics at Island schools. He was selected to work as a personal tutor for a year’s assignment with the highly prestigious organization -Tutors International.

Mr Hill’s goals…

With a love of learning and a passion for education Mr Hill’s goal is to inspire all learners to achieve their highest potential and with hard work and dedication to follow their talents through rich and meaningful lives.

Mr Hill

Mr Steve Hill

Teacher of Mathematics & Science



Anthropology – University of Redlands

Mathematics, Chemistry, English & Spanish Language – A Levels

Pupil progress

Expectations of pupil progress

A progress measure identifies improvement in learning and therefore is a good measure of the impact an individual teacher has had on a pupil or class. Pupils are expected to make a minimum of 3 points’ progress in each subject each year. As part of teacher appraisals we will report on the average progress made by classes taught by each of our teachers. An average of three points is the expected progress measure. A progress measure of 4 points or more highlights good to outstanding teaching and learning. All progress measures at the Island Free School are taken from externally marked or moderated exams taken at the end of the year. Due to the fact that even the most able pupils began year 7 with little knowledge of Science, progress in year 7 may appear superficially high.

Mr S. Hill – Teacher of Mathematics & Science.

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