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Mr Steph Boyd, Headmaster

“I am proud to lead this outstanding school, where pupils are supported to develop as independent learners. My standards and aspirations are high – and I expect the very best from pupils and staff,” says Mr Boyd.

Mr Boyd has a strong track record as a teacher and senior leader, on and off the Island.

His career includes a period at the Minster School, an independent school in York with excellent academic standards. He was Head of PE and also taught Maths and Religious Education.

He has worked at several local schools on the Isle of Wight, starting at Ventnor Middle School where he taught Maths and PE. He was appointed Head of Mathematics at Downside Middle School, before being promoted to Head of Key Stage 3, and then Assistant Headteacher. He joined Carisbrooke High School as an Assistant Headteacher in charge of Maths, ICT and Business Studies, and helped to see through its transition into becoming Carisbrooke College.

Before teaching, Mr Boyd worked as a sailing instructor and mountain guide. He has taught hockey and rugby up to county level.



Mr Boyd has a wealth of experience at senior leadership level, as well as teaching and behaviour management skills which have been recognised as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted. He is respected by his colleagues for his commitment to teaching and learning.

His reputation is such that he was brought in to help support an Island school that had been failed by Ofsted. Within 18 months the school was judged to be ‘good’.

Mr Boyd’s goals…

My goal is to help create a learning environment where children will excel, whatever their talents. On a personal level, I would like to run faster, and further, and manage a 10k run in under 40 minutes.
Mr Boyd

Mr Steph Boyd




Undergraduate degree from York St John University

PGCE from University of Chichester

Working on a Masters degree in Theology

Pupil progress

Expectations of pupil progress

A progress measure identifies improvement in learning and therefore is a good measure of the impact an individual teacher has had on a pupil or class. Pupils are expected to make a minimum of 3 points’ progress in each subject each year. As part of teacher appraisals we will report on the average progress made by classes taught by each of our teachers. An average of three points is the expected progress measure. A progress measure of 4 points or more highlights good to outstanding teaching and learning. All progress measures at the Island Free School are taken from externally marked or moderated exams taken at the end of the year.

Mr S.J.Boyd – Teacher of Mathematics

Average progress made by :
All pupils taught: 5.3
Girls: 5.0
Boys: 5.7
Free Schools Meals pupils: 4.7
Pupil Premium: 5.2
SEN pupils: 5.4

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