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Mrs Chloe Williams, Head of English

Mrs Williams is a motivated, dedicated and ambitious English Teacher. She grew up on the Island, and returned in 2016 after a six year absence. She is passionate about and committed to the potential of the Isle of Wight and firmly believes that with the right curriculum, environment and teaching staff, Island pupils will excel.



Mrs Williams studied in London, gaining a BA in English and Drama from Queen Mary University and then her Post Graduate Certificate in Secondary English from Goldsmiths University. She spent a year teaching English and Drama in a high-achieving, dynamic London Secondary School, where she gained a wealth of excellent teaching experience. She has taught a range of ages, abilities (including GCSE and A Level) and special educational needs. Mrs Williams has led a range of Drama enrichment activities including LAMDA examinations, Shakespeare for Schools and organising whole school theatre trips. As well as this, her outside experience of working on demanding Film and TV sets has enabled her to develop and nurture an outstanding, innovative and rigorous teaching practice that understands the potential for Drama to enhance a student’s core English education.

Mrs Williams’ goals…

The Island Free School provides an environment where pupils and staff have the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive together. I truly believe in this vision for an inclusive approach to learning and enrichment, and I am genuinely excited to be able to offer my own contributions. I believe that a young person’s education is far more than just the classroom environment; it encompasses the entire curricular experience. It is an absolute pleasure to be able to be a part of every aspect of a young person’s educational journey.
Mrs Williams

Mrs Chloe Williams

Head of English



A levels in English Literature, Theatre Studies and Geography.

BA Joint Honours in English and Drama from Queen Mary University

PGCE in Secondary English (School Direct) Goldsmiths University

Pupil progress

Expectations of pupil progress

A progress measure identifies improvement in learning and therefore is a good measure of the impact an individual teacher has had on a pupil or class. Pupils are expected to make a minimum of 3 points’ progress in each subject each year. As part of teacher appraisals we will report on the average progress made by classes taught by each of our teachers. An average of three points is the expected progress measure. A progress measure of 4 points or more highlights good to outstanding teaching and learning. All progress measures at the Island Free School are taken from externally marked or moderated exams taken at the end of the year.


Mrs C. Williams – Head of English

Average Progress
All pupils taught: 4.8
Girls: 5.1
Boys: 4.6
Free School Meals pupils: 4.0
Pupil Premium: 3.9
SEN pupils: 5.1

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