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Miss Charlotte Making, Learning Support Assistant

Miss Making grew up in Suffolk. After achieving a BA in Fine Art at Plymouth University she relocated to the Isle of Wight with her family.
As part of her degree, Miss Making chose the option of a year studying in America. During this time, she travelled throughout the country and met people from all over the world. She wanted to engage with the local community, so completed an internship at an Arts Academy providing enrichment for children.

Miss Making’s interest in Art and Nature has been inspired by many visits overseas. One of her favourite countries to visit is Italy. The life experiences she has gained have influenced her decision to pursue a role within education in her home community.

Mrs Making’s goals…

To encourage and inspire pupils to find out their own aspirations and how to achieve them. Also she hopes to one day go on safari and see endangered animals in their natural habitat.
Miss Making

Miss Making

Learning Support Assistant
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