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Miss Abby Lines, Assistant to the Head of Year

Miss Lines was edicated on the Island, attending the old Ventnor Middle School, which absolutely loved, before studying GCSEs at Medina High school, and finally completing her A levels in Graphics and Art. She worked in Advertising at the County Press for eight years, gaining qualifications in Business and Administration, before taking up her new role at The Island Free School in 2018.

Miss Lines very much enjoys the idyllic, calm Island life. Along with her young daughter, she enjoys lots of outside activities including country walks and beach days. In her spare time, Miss Lines enjoys art, music and sports. She also loves to play rugby and has been part of the exciting rugby development for women on the island.

Miss Lines’ goals…

I am extremely proud to be part of the wonderful team here at The Island Free School. As part of my role, I am privileged to be able to support our pupils through their secondary school education. I really hope to make a positive difference to their school lives – one that they will look back on and be thankful for.
Miss Lines

Miss Abby Lines

Assistant to the Head of Year
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