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Miss Kirsty Fraser, Science Technician

Miss Fraser was brought up and educated on the island, achieving A-Levels in Geology, Geography and Biology. She went on to obtain a Degree in Palaeobiology & Evolution from the University of Portsmouth, after which she embarked on multiple trips abroad for voluntary organisations. Over the past few years she has visited various countries in Central America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, volunteering for different conservation organisations mainly centered around marine turtles.

In 2016, Miss Fraser moved to the Cornwall campus of Exeter University to study for a Masters’ Degree in Conservation & Biodiversity, collaborating with the Zoological Society of London team in the Philippines, completing a thesis centered around declining populations of marine turtles. She started working at The Island Free School shortly after graduating and is thrilled to be contributing to education in her hometown.
In her spare time, Miss Fraser is a keen field hockey player and coach for the Isle of Wight Hockey Club and also enjoys the odd game of cricket during the summer months. She is also passionate about photography and is working to improve her camera skills as a member of the Wild Wight Camera Club.

Miss Fraser’s goals…

To visit half of the countries in the world by the time I’m 50.
Miss Fraser

Miss Kirsty Fraser

Science Technician
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