ORCA Dolphin and Whale Science Workshop

On Wednesday 10th May, year 8 pupils were excited to welcome guest speaker Anna Bunney from the whale and dolphin conservation charity ORCA, who delivered a fantastic dolphin and whale science workshop to all classes.
Pupils learnt about a whole variety of dolphins, whales, porpoises and other marine mammals. Topics included current conversation challenges of some populations, specialised feeding strategies and methods of communication developed by different groups of whales and dolphins, and importantly how to identify species that we might be lucky enough to spot off our coastline.
This is the second year Miss Bunney has visited The Island Free School to deliver this outstanding workshop. As we approach the summer months we are more likely to see marine mammals around our island waters, as well as an invaluable opportunity for pupils visiting Scotland during our activities week to learn about some of the species we hope to see during our trip.