New starter home for The Island Free School

We are delighted to announce that we have secured a temporary site for The Island Free School – the old St Boniface Primary School, on St Boniface Road in Ventnor. Our Year 7 students will start here in September 2014 and remain here for a year while a new state of the art school is constructed for us, at nearby location upper Ventnor.

Headmaster Steph Boyd commented: “We are delighted to have secured this beautiful old building as our temporary home. We will soon be meeting with our Education Funding Agency Project Director, and our Centrprise (ICT) Project Manager, to plan the site development to ensure it meets the needs of our high quality secondary school.”

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The Island Free School is the new secondary school for the Island, which opens in September 2014.

Mr Boyd added: “Our temporary site will have all of the first class facilities that will be available on the permanent site. This will include access to the innovative ICT resources laid out in our ICT bid, fully functional Science, Design Technology and Art suites and, of course, world class Music facilities. All facilities that have been installed will then be moved onto the permanent site during the summer break in 2015.”

The school is nestled beneath St Boniface Down, the highest point on the Island and an area of outstanding natural beauty. Backed by National Trust land, it is an idyllic setting, with its own astroturf facility, sports field and nature area. The building itself was built in the characterful local stone in 1905, with modern additions including a large hall that can be used for assemblies, lunchtimes and school plays.

Said Mr Boyd: “This is a very exciting time for the school and we look forward to sharing updates with you over the coming months.”

stboniface3Above: the sports field




Top left: The astroturf and wildlife area

Above: A sign dating the former school to 1905 

Left: We’ll be at St Boniface Rd from September 2014.