Lord Wandsworth Sports Festival

Last weekend, TIFS took two U13 girls’ hockey teams and an U13 boys’ rugby team to Lord Wandsworth College, near Alton, to participate in their invitational Sports Festival.
The whole day is designed to hold as many games against various opposition from schools across the south of England, in a sporting and friendly way.
A 6am start did not deter the TIFS teams who participated throughout the day with great enthusiasm, skill and passion. The festival was a wonderful way to start to the Autumn season, where all teams could learn their strengths and weaknesses to work on in the future.
“It was a great day for all involved; we played some beautiful hockey and exciting rugby, which sets us up nicely for other fixtures this year.” – Mr Milton.
Many thanks to Mrs Boyd, Mrs Breach and Mr McAllister for accompanying the teams on the day.