IOW and Hampshire Cricket Leagues

Last week, TIFS girls’ and boys’ cricket teams took part in the IOW School League
Between them, our teams played a total of 13 matches, and won an astounding 12 of these!

Our U15 girls’ team also participated in the Hampshire Softball League, hosting Mountbatten School from Southampton. Both the A and B teams managed to post scores of (72-5) – (32 AO) and (60-2) – (60-6) respectively, resulting in another double victory for TIFS!

Well done to all our cricketers, all of whom really shone throughout their matches and worked brilliantly as a team. See below for full results!

U12 Boys

TIFS (17 AO) lost to CTK (68-3)

U13 Boys

TIFS (115-0) beat Cowes (57 AO)
TIFS (77-1) beat SBA (44-5)

U13 Girls

TIFS A (75-2) beat Cowes (28-2)
TIFS A (76-1) beat Ryde (21-4)
TIFS A (66-1) beat CTK (38-5)

TIFS B (83-1) beat Medina (63-4)
TIFS B (87-3) beat SBA (62-4)

U15 Girls

TIFS A (47-7) beat SBA (32-4)
TIFS A (73-3) beat Medina (44 AO)

TIFS B (64-2) beat CTK (50-3)

U15 Girls

TIFS A (72-5) beat Mountbatten School Southampton (32 AO)
TIFS B (60-2) beat Mountbatten School Southampton (60-6)