Humanities Week – Geography

The GCSE Geography pupils undertook two fieldwork investigations during Geography Week last week. One on Ventnor Beach where they were investigating the impact of coastal management on coastal processes and the community. The pupils investigated the gradient of the beach and investigated the size and angularity of the sediment to see if it changed from the Spyglass to the harbour, as well as interviewing members of the community. They then visited Freshwater to investigate the environmental quality of a rural area and to see how the amount of services had changed since the 1950s. Whilst there is no longer a coursework element to Geography (it is examined) the pupils need to understand the whole process of Geographical enquiry from formulating a question, to evaluating their investigation, and to be able to write up their work thoroughly.

We were blessed with good weather and the pupils were outstanding. Their work was of a very good standard and they represented the school brilliantly.