GCSE Graphics Trip to London!

On Thursday 18th October a group of GCSE graphics students journeyed to London for a visit to the London Tate Art Gallery. For those Year 9 students just beginning their graphic design journeys this was a chance to gain valuable knowledge and inspiration of particular graphic artists they had not yet come across, and the Year 10 students were able to see in person artist works discovered in their project research.

Having arrived into London, the group were encouraged to capture photos and collect leaflets for use in their coursework as they walked the mile long distance from the station to the Tate along the Southbank, taking in the sights as they went.

Upon entering the gallery the group headed into an exhibition of works by Anni Albers, an artist who combined the ancient craft of hand-weaving with the language of modern art.
The exhibition illuminates the artist’s creative process and her engagement with art, architecture and design, and provides long overdue recognition of Anni Albers pivotal contribution to modern art and design. This is the first major exhibition of her work in the UK.

Students were asked to take note of two artworks they found interesting and complete a short study complete with sketch drawing on both pieces, before being given the opportunity to explore other exhibitions available and include four more artwork short format studies to their worksheets. Following this, the group wandered back along the Southbank enjoying the sights and sounds of contemporary London such as buskers, graffiti artworks and various skateboarders showing off their skills, before beginning the journey home.