GCSE Geography Trip

Before half term, the Year 9 Geographers headed west to a windy Freshwater Bay. We sat on the berm (a ridge at the top of the beach caused by destructive waves) before taking a closer look at the coastal features there; stacks, stumps, caves and the wave cut platform. We made sure that we avoided some washed up jellyfish! We also examined the hard engineering in place before having a ‘hit the stack from a distance’ competition. Mr Peace gave us a fascinating geological history of Freshwater Bay, whilst Mrs Walker considered the need for hard engineering.
Disappointingly, due to the strong southwesterly conditions, the boat trip around the Needles was cancelled so we headed to Compton Bay instead. Whilst at Compton we found dinosaur footprints and looked for fossils.
Overall, it was a good opportunity to get outside and see what we will shortly be studying in the classroom.