Cowes Harbour Commission

Cowes Harbour Commission recently held a sculpture competition which was open to schools on the Island. Pupils were asked for a theoretical design with the intention of welcoming visitors to Cowes.

“Sound of the Sea”, designed and named by Year 9 GCSE Art & Design pupil Ada K-S was considered “an elegant and eloquent response to the brief”.

Paul Armfield added: “The winner, quite literally stood out, both in its concept and the realisation of the design. It’s a beautiful sculpture that could soon become an iconic totem of the Island’s identity. It also pays homage to the special links that the Island has always inspired between science, the environment and the arts.” The judges also commented on the name being memorable, “like Angel of the North, or The Little Mermaid.”

Second place prize was also awarded to Aaron E-L. Also highly commended were the shortlisted entries by Millie T and Kate M-S.

Alan Titchmarsh MBE, said: “It was such a rewarding competition; so much ingenuity and so many positive thoughts about a talisman that could become a part of the identity of Cowes. We were astonished and delighted, not only at the number of entries, but also the quality. We have chosen one that we think encapsulates the magic of Cowes as a coastal town and I really look forward to seeing the project come to fruition.”