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Our Covid-19 policies can be accessed using the links below:
Covid-19 Policy
Risk Assessment (Covid-19)
Social Distancing Policy

January 2021 Update
On 4th January 2021, the UK government announced a National Lockdown starting from Tuesday 5th January 2021. All secondary schools across the UK must remain closed to all pupils, except for children of critical workers, and children classed as vulnerable. All other pupils will receive remote education. All parents have been emailed by Mr Boyd detailing the school’s plans for this closure.
All on-site Covid-19 testing, other than for critical worker and vulnerable pupils, is suspended and we await guidance on testing in the future. All staff will continue to be tested weekly throughout this lockdown period.
All pupils entitled to free school meals will receive food vouchers. Parents should contact Mrs Naude ( with any queries regarding this.
The school is awaiting further guidance from Ofqual and the DfE regarding GCSE examinations due to take place in the summer. Parents of Year 11 pupils will be contacted as we receive updates.
Parents are asked to contact their child’s mentor in the first instance with any queries regarding the structure of the school day through this lockdown period.

December 2020 Update
On 17th December, the UK government announced plans for Covid-19 testing to be carried out in secondary schools from the start of the Spring term for staff and pupils. The objective of this testing is to minimise time lost in school due to isolation from close contact infection and to protect staff and pupils from infection by asymptomatic carriers of the virus. On-site testing will be through a Lateral Flow Test, which identifies the presence of Covid-19 from a saliva swab sample.

Please click here for more information provided by the National Health Service on this procedure.

Please click here to view the Test and Trace letter issued by Public Health England (23rd September 2020).

From September 2020, The Island Free School re-opened to all pupils following a national lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of of our pupils, staff and their families. Based on guidelines set by the UK Government, we have implemented the following measures to minimise the spread of infection, and protect our community.

Staggered start times
To support the school and public transport infrastructure, year groups arrive and leave the school site at different times. We will endeavour to support families where possible with children in multiple year groups.

Teaching bubbles
To ensure that in the event of local infection the whole school does not need to close, teaching “bubbles” have been created as follows: KS3 pupils are taught (where possible) in class bubbles in one room; KS4 pupils are taught in year group bubbles to allow for GCSE options subjects to be taught

Teaching & learning
All pupils will continue to have specialist teachers for all subjects. Pupils in years 9-11 will continue to have access to specialist facilities required for their GCSE subjects.

Catch-up programmes
Some pupils have struggled to work from home throughout lockdown, so we have included a catch-up programme at the end of the school day for all pupils who have significant gaps in their learning.

We will, where feasible, continue to include as many of the details that make TIFS such a special environment into the plans for the year.

Enrichment hour
Unfortunately, the enrichment hour is currently suspended. This is to allow for staggered finish times whilst not impacting on curriculum time, as well as minimising infection as pupils are able to exist in their bubbles. Private music tuition will continue.

Lunch sittings have been organised to accommodate one year group at a time. Years 10 & 11 do not have a lunch sitting, and instead have the opportunity during their mid morning break to purchase snacks and beverages (or bring these from home), and then finish school at 2pm. Pupils who are remaining on site for the catch-up programme will be able to have lunch in the canteen at 2pm.

School site
Each year group has a separate entrance to school, and we have installed external sinks to support hand washing on arrival. Pupils then have their temperature taken with a non-contact thermometer before entering the building. There is also a one way system in operation around the site to minimise.

Uniform and PE Kit
Pupils must wear full school uniform except on days where they have PE or Games lessons, when they must arrive in PE kit and remain in kit for the duration of the day. This is because the changing facilities are not in use due to infection control and our social distancing policy.



The NHS 0-19 Public health team including Health Visitors and School Nurses continue to be available via our duty desk:

Tel: 01983 821388


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