Bonnie Challenge 2017

On Thursday 27th July, the whole of Year 7 competed in the annual TIFS Bonnie Challenge; a difficult yet fun and energetic race to the top of St Boniface Down! Our older year groups cheered on the runners, waved flags and encouraged them by running alongside for the final stretch. All runners took on the challenge with great enthusiasm, and really pushed themselves even if some had been “dreading it all year!” Well done to Luke S in Rosea and Bianka A in Caesitas, who were the overall quickest boy and girl, with times of 4:03 and 4:24 respectively. Bianka also managed to beat the current school record for fastest girl! Well done to the whole of Year 7 for your determination, and to Year 8 and 9 for your incredible sporting spirit!

Top times

Luke S – 4:03
Ollie F – 4:16
Frankie W – 4:20

Bianka A – 4:24
Bailey S – 4:46
Tia S – 4:48